Painting Original by Wesley Taylor, "Koala Kollipso"

This painting is the beginning of a Australian atmosphere collection.
Made famous by its postcards and other accessories available.

These cuddley Koals are vibrant with personalities unseen before.
With friendly winks inviting friendship and prosperity to others and all who
are lucky enough too meet them. They live in a nice comfortable gumtree
which is lush full of juicy gum leaves for them to nibble on as they
chat to those who may pass by.

The original is huge 1.2meters by 1.8meters with full texture of the fur and leaves.
This painting has over 5 Kilos of Acrylic Paint scuplted into it.
Which impresses all who see it in my reception hall.


The original is $100,000Aust

Affordable prints on canvas are available from $100.00 plus freight
Postcards $2.00
Calendars (12 images) $20.00
Imaged T-shirts and Jeans available

Inquirers welcome:
Mobile: 0433 263 245

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