• Koala Painting
  • Great Barrier Reef Painting
  • Australian Art - Sydney Opera House
  • Dolphin Painting - Flippers Day
  • Australian Frog - Painting
  • Near Brisbane - Waterfalls Painting

Brisbane Artist - Wesley Taylor

Wesley Taylor is a Brisbane based artist who has been painting and drawing from an early age, when his talents were first recognized. His passion for art was supported by the Queensland Art Gallery, who provided him with a scholarship to study art and nurture his development.

Australian Art

Much of Taylors work is inspired by the diversity of the Australian landscape and animals that surround him. The influence of trips to the north of Queensland, with it's coral seas and mountain landscapes, shine through in his work.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about Wesley Taylor or any of his work, feel free to contact him using the details provided on the left of this page. He's always glad of a friendly call and to have a quick chat about his work.